Kirby et le monde oublie

Kirby and the Forgotten World: the demo is available and a trailer accompanies it

It is now possible to download the demo of the game Kirby and the Forgotten World on Switch. The release of the title in its complete version will be on March 25. Enough to leave players three weeks to get an idea.

Kirby and the Forgotten World

A demo available for Kirby and the Forgotten World

The demo features three first-world levels, including the first boss. Players who complete the demo will receive a gift code to unlock additional items in the final, full version. And of course the demo for Kirby and the Forgotten World is available for free download from Nintendo eShop.

For the occasion, Nintendo offers a presentation trailer. This is an opportunity to discover the different levels and elements of the game. And as we can see, there are many possibilities.

Kirby’s mission is to rescue a band of Waddle Dees who have been kidnapped by a threat known as the Beast Pack. Kirby will have a useful ally in his journey, Elfilin, a companion like Navi with Link or Cappy with Mario in other Nintendo games. Kirby can also call on a second player, who can control Bandana Waddle Dee for two-player co-op.

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