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Thor: Love and Thunder was announced as the romantic comedy of the summer, did we have a crush on the new Marvel? Critical.

Thor is by far the most abused character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iconic in the comics, Marvel decided to offer him two first films under the direction of Kenneth Branagh in the early 2010s. In front of the camera of the filmmaker and actor, the hero becomes a very solemn figure of Norse mythology. An approach very faithful to the writings of the house of ideas, at the heart of a tragedy of questionable scriptwriting quality.

When we know Branagh’s appetite for classic stories, we understand better why this mixture of genres had a lot of trouble convincing. Especially since on the production side, Thor 1 and 2 were a little in favor of the least effort. The two films clearly lacked grip and heart, featuring divine figures engraved in marble and which will only manage to reinvent themselves from the first Avengers of the name.

Since then, Marvel has changed its tune by entrusting the character to a director then much less famous, but who had already proven himself on several occasions. Taika Waititi takes the gamble of catapulting the hero camped by Chris Hemsworth into a pop and retro universe, a comedy where the idol of yesteryear becomes a subject of joke.

This partition, the actor masters it to perfection, it has given it back its letters of nobility. While some will no doubt regret its former stature, this metamorphosis ultimately makes it much more interesting. In any case, the success is there and the fans want more. He comes back with Thor: Love and Thunder, the romantic comedy of the summer. Yes, yes, you read that right.

marvel thor and jane
Credits: Marvel

If the love affairs of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had until now to be satisfied with the off-screen, that between Jane Foster and Thor invites itself to the heart of the story. Love and Thunder, it couldn’t be clearer!

We find our good Thor several years after the events ofAvengers: Endgame. After a long period of fitness, the hero is no longer sure what he wants to do when he grows up. As he contemplates retiring from superheroism, an antagonist emerges from the shadows. Gorr the Slayer of the Gods has sworn to kill all the divine figures who cross his path, he decides to attack Thor by capturing the children of New Asgaard.

Thor: Love and Thunder is, as we said above, less a superhero film than a romantic comedy. Since the announcement of the project, Marvel and Waititi have been very clear on the subject. For the occasion, they therefore managed to convince Natalie Portman to re-enlist to camp Jane Foster. She had been absent from the MCU since Thor: The Dark World. Taika Waititi has obviously found the right arguments.

It must be said that the project is much more exciting for the actress, since she has the opportunity to put on a cape and wear Mjolnir to knock out the alien. We are not going to hide it, if her character was a bit anecdotal so far, she steals our hearts with this new component. This is especially true when she finds in Valkyrie a confidante and ally.

Thor 4 Christian Bale.
Credits: Marvel

I need love

In Ragnarok, Thor had to deal with murky family histories and the endangerment of his kingdom. This time, it is his love life that is at the heart of the story. As he meets Jane again, Thor discovers that the latter has taken control of Mjolnir. This encounter brings back painful memories for our hero, who rediscovers his anxieties and fears.

Thor is no longer solid as a rock, he has his flaws and a background. Waititi will address them throughout the story. This time no great cataclysmic show, it explores a plot on a human scale which on paper has all the keys to seduce us.

An approach to his credit but which is not free from flaws. Love and Thunder struggles to give substance to its dramatic stakes, only very rarely exceeding its status as a parody. However, there were many avenues to explore. The first half of the film flies over them a little too much for them to manage to reinvent themselves.

Because Taika Waititi explores the patterns and clichés of romantic comedy to divert them, he plays it soap opera with his dialogues, has fun with the sexual tension between certain characters and even offers himself the luxury of diverting some emblematic sequences of the genre. .

This is particularly true when, by means of a narrated scene, the filmmaker uses the clichés of romantic comedies illustrated with a clip show of the most beautiful effect. However, all of this sometimes sounds a bit wrong. Waititi’s grub is clever. We are sometimes sad and often hilarious, too bad that the agreement of the two is not as refined as we could have hoped. The calls of the foot are numerous, perhaps a little too much.

Valkyrie and Jane Foster
Credits: Marvel

A second breath comes nevertheless to save the whole. As the conclusion approaches, the scenario catches up with us in full flight with means that are certainly very easy but extremely well exploited. At the time of the credits, we finally say that this romantic adventure has succeeded in breaking down the few barriers that we had been able to hoist little by little. It’s not love at first sight, but we undoubtedly have a tender affection for the universe and the characters.

Especially since some visual surprises are also there. If the film relies on a VFX (not always in good taste as the first film already did), the colorful and childish aesthetic helps to make the footage a real wacky experience. a well-executed black and white sequence.

On the other hand, we would have liked special effects and more tangible decorative elements to appear more regularly. With jojo rabbithe had shown a certain mastery of the composition which is much less present when he navigates in the middle of a green background like those used for Thor.

God gave me faith

And he took it from me. Who says superhero movie says antagonist, and Taika Waititi hits hard. After Cate Blanchett, he poached Mr. Christian Bale to camp a certain Gorr the Massacrer of the Gods. Born on a planet that worshiped gods no one had ever seen, Gorr decides to take revenge when they did nothing to save his family. Inhabited by a curse, he will attack all the divine figures who will cross his path.

The character is from the comics god of thunder, but has been somewhat revisited for the purposes of this adventure. Physically, to hatch the necrotic side of his body, he sports a more human appearance. If some will say that it takes away from its scope, the character of Christian Bale quickly turns into the perfect anti-hero. He represents the ideal opposite for Thor. Immediately, the story takes on a more cynical tone, a more acerbic criticism of the excesses of the superhero.

Gorr the Godslayer
Credits: Marvel

Where the first films were fundamentally Manichean, Thor 4 wants to be more nuanced. Tones of gray which nevertheless tend to fade away for the grand finale. A bit too melodic, the sequence has a hard time finding its tempo and clashes in this orgy of puns.


Thor is obviously not in the same boat as his companions. While superheroes had to make do with three volumes of their adventures so far, the character played by Chris Hemsworth is the first to return for a fourth. He will not be the only one because Captain America will also be entitled to his fourth lap. Except it’s not Chris Evans who will wear the star-spangled banner. Falcon and the Winter Soldier recorded the handover between the actor and Anthony Mackie.

At a time when Marvel unveils new footage every three months, and many Disney + series are added, we can therefore wonder if all this is not starting to do a bit much. As fan as we are of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a weariness begins to be felt. Even with Taika Waititi at the helm, new Marvel footage is starting to feel a bit warmed up.

You only have to check out one of the post-credits scenes to tell yourself that Marvel’s paths are getting bumpier and bumpier. Fortunately, the house of ideas has managed to make its characters endearing enough so that we can want to continue the adventure. They are in our hearts. Until the break?

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