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Want to leave your mobile operator? Another offer that catches your eye? We explain to you how to carry out the steps in complete peace of mind.

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Have you subscribed to an overly expensive mobile plan and have chosen to cancel it for another or simply because it no longer suits you? Don’t panic, we’ll explain how to do it.

Cancel a mobile plan while keeping your number

If you want to keep your phone number, while taking advantage of a new plan with another operator, the procedure is now simpler. Indeed, the law requires your new operator to take care of the termination of your old plan, thereby simplifying the process. First of all, you need to be aware of your RIO number, the unique identifier associated with your telephone line. To do this, simply dial the 3179 (free service) from the telephone associated with the telephone line. An SMS will automatically be sent with information about the line, such as the duration of the commitment and the RIO identifier.

How to get your RIO number to keep your phone number

To carry out portability and keep your telephone number when you change mobile operator, you must obtain your Operator Identity Statement code or RIO number. What is this RIO code, how does it work and,…
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Terminate without taking a new operator

If you do not wish to subscribe to a new subscription immediately and if you are not interested in porting your old number, some operators offer simplified procedures from their online platforms. However, be careful, if your package is subject to a commitment, you are required to reimburse all remaining costs to your operator. Fortunately, most operators have now taken the tangent of non-binding offers.

However, the easiest way to terminate your subscription definitively without the contribution of another operator remains the method by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You must send this letter to the address indicated by your operator. Termination becomes effective after a period of 10 days from the date of receipt of your letter. During this time, you can reconsider your decision and keep your current plan.

Termination of a package with a specific operator

Depending on the operators, the termination methods may change or contain some specificities. To better help you, we have published guides for each operator and their equivalents. low-cost.

RED 4G Plan – 100 GB

4 days

Unlimited calls

100 GB in France

17 GB in Europe

B&You Mobile plan – 200 GB

2 days

Unlimited calls

200 GB in France

25 GB in Europe

Prixtel 4G Package – Oxygen 50 – 130 GB

3 days

Unlimited calls

50 GB – 130 GB in France

20 GB in Europe

All mobile plans

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