Knowing our sixth sense would help cure mental illnesses!

It is considered until now that human beings have only 5 senses. Smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight are the senses we have always known. Nevertheless, we now know that we have an additional meaning! Yes, we have “interoception”, as sixth Sense. This is what allows us to feel and interpret the internal state of our body.

The intercept is important, not only for the health of our body, but also and especially for our mental health. In fact, the disturbance of this sense would be at the origin of many mental disorders ! Several scientific studies were then focused on the subject to learn more.

The researchers wanted to know if men and women feel the interoception in the same way. Knowing this difference would improve the understanding of its influences in terms of mental and physical health.

Our sixth sense would be extremely important for our health

Our sixth sense is what makes us feel thirsty, hungry, our body temperature, and our heart rate. That is to say, it is what allows us to identify, feel and interpret internal signals that our body sends us. It informs us of our imbalances. For example: he encourages us to put on a sweater if it’s cold. Thanks to it, we can ensure that all the systems of our body work perfectly.

Interception is important for all aspects of our health. It concerns so much body health than mental health. In fact, she participates in our psychological processes : decision-making, emotional, social and cognitive functions. Which means that if she is disturbed, she finds herself related to mental illness. Its destabilization would be linked to many mental pathologies such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

To find better cures for mental disorders

Scientists wanted to know why common mental disorders are more common in women than in men. Data from 93 studies on gendered interoception were collected. This information was then analyzed to find out whether men and women perceive interoception in the same way. Researchers looked at studies of the perception of signals from the heart, lungs and stomach.

The results revealed that both men and women interpret interoception differently. For example, women are less precise in tasks centering on the heart and lungs than men. Knowing these differences on interoception is important for treat mental illness. Indeed, some treatments may be more effective on some people than others. Concretely, better understand this sixth sense would allow us to develop best remedies for mental health issues.


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