Konami delays the first update

While due to arrive on October 28, eFootball 2022’s first update will finally roll out later than planned.

Konami has just announced a piece of news that is proving to be a massive blow to the players ofeFootball 2022. The first free-to-play update will finally take place later than expected. On Twitter, the studio apologizes to the players by telling them that version 0.9.1 of the game is coming, but with a few days of delay. Instead of being deployed on October 28, it is therefore expected at the beginning of November.

So that leaves a margin of one to two weeks at the studio, but why do that? According to Konami, this additional time will allow developers to polish their version of the game in order to ” to ensure that the experience is improved for all users “. We therefore have no further details regarding the content of this eagerly awaited first corrective update.

Konami has indeed been very discreet about the improvements that would be made to eFootball 2022, although the studio has confirmed that it wants to correct ” problems reported by players When the game is released. Konami will therefore confirm the release date of update 0.9.1 in a few days.

eFootball 2022, still unpopular

In response to this tweet, many players once again protested the more than mediocre quality of the title, which quickly rose to the top of the worst games on Steam. Today, the title has more than 22,000 extremely negative ratings, of which 10,000 were awarded in just 24 hours.

Even the PC version has so far not been able to catch up with the bad experience of players on other consoles, unlike Cyberpunk 2077 which had a similar launch situation. However, it is worth remembering that the latter had received excellent reviews regarding its PC version and that it was able to recover thanks to two huge corrective patches deployed by CD Projekt.

Still no in-game content

For eFootball, the case promises to be more delicate. Following the catastrophic launch of free-to-play, many have asked for the return of PES and its annual editions, despite the new momentum Konami has tried to create. Indeed, unlike FIFA and PES, eFootball 2022 wanted to be a game service, which would be constantly improved and whose content would be added over time.

Except that at launch, the disillusion was immense for many, discovering a stripped down game, and sloppy graphics. While the first update is supposed to address the latter issue, the second, slated for later this year, should bring more content with more game modes, new player categories, and new championships.

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