“La Kiffance” and McFly & Carlito topped the 2021 YouTube ranking in France

This is the period that wants that: it is time for all kinds of rankings to end the year! YouTube is not left out with the unveiling of the 2021 winners for France.

In October, YouTube announced that there will be no more Rewind, this recap of the year that no longer stuck with reality, and which had over time become the object of much mockery. on social networks. This does not prevent establishing the charts! While there are only a handful of weeks left before ending 2021, YouTube announces the big changes that have shaken the platform in France.

The box that kiffes

You should know that in March, more than 40 million French people watched a YouTube video and that they spent an average of 24 minutes each day, according to Médiamétrie data. France has 450 channels with a million subscribers and more (there were 360 ​​last year). 4,500 channels have more than 100,000 subscribers, which is 20% more than in 2020. More than half of the viewing time of content produced by French channels comes from abroad.

The big winner of the year is none other than Naps, with the music video for “La Kiffance”, a hit that is also at the top of the Spotify and Apple Music charts. The video has counted more than 105 million views and it spent 9 weeks in first place of the top Artists in France. Moha K, with “Vroum Vroum” is not very far with 99 million views, while “Petrouchka” by Soso Maness and PLK completes the podium with 92 million views.

In the ranking of videos other than music, it is the clip “Je me souviens” by the duo McFly & Carlito which is in first place with nearly 16 million views. A very special video since it was produced at the invitation of Emmanuel Macron to encourage respect for barrier gestures. “Ads vs life 5”, where Cyprien parodies unrealistic ads, is second, followed by Squeezie and “1 second before the disaster”.

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