Late deployment of Crew Dragon parachutes not serious, say SpaceX and NASA

An anomaly was found during the Crew Dragon space shuttle landings. Despite the fact that the problem has occurred twice in a row, it seems that NASA and SpaceX are minimizing the extent of this phenomenon. A situation that could cost the lives of astronauts if the technicians do not look seriously at this technical failure.

The failure relates to the late release of one of the four parachutes of the capsule during its mooring on earth. In a landing that was broadcast live, the delay did not go unnoticed at all. The fourth parachute inflated more slowly than the other three. However, the shuttle always ended up landing without any problems.

The capsule could still land safely

In November 2021, one of the four parachutes on the space shuttle Crew Dragon was found to take 75 seconds longer to inflate than the others. The shuttle had 4 passengers on board who had just completed a mission on the International Space Station (ISS). Earlier this year, during a descent to Earth in January, the parachute took 63 seconds to inflate.

As a reminder, the Crew Dragon capsule is essential because it is used for ISS maintenance. The technicians will therefore carry out a complete examination of the parachutes but for the moment, they do not seem to want to make any changes to the level of the operation of the mechanism or the design of the space shuttle.

Neither NASA nor SpaceX consider this deployment delay a failure

NASA and SpaceX plan to contact the designer of the parachutes and carry out tests to find out if there really is no problem. An analysis will also be carried out to determine if the landing parameters are in line with expectations. In the event that there is no problem, the shuttles will resume their journey in space.

Currently, the Crew Dragon capsule is docked on the International Space Station. SpaceX and NASA declare that no modification is necessary at the level of the parachutes. However, during a conference, when a reporter asked if the shuttle could land with only two parachutes, the official gave no answer.


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