leaked concept art ahead of the game’s release

Find out what Odin will look like in God of War Ragnarok with this concept art leak.

It’s one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and for good reason, his previous opus was more than acclaimed when he arrived in 2018. God of War Ragnarok will be the fifth adventure of Kratos, and will end in style the Nordic arc initiated with the fourth part. Expected for the month of November, it has so far revealed itself through some promising trailers, and has given some details on its accessibility parameters in particular.

But while Sony is keeping a close eye on its next nugget, and never reveals more than necessary in order to preserve a semblance of suspense, clever little guys scour the web in search of clues and content to put in their mouths. This is the case of Dusk Golem, which reveals to us during the weekend a particularly expected concept art, since it is that of Odin.

Absent from god of war (2018) the character is still extremely important with regard to the legend of Ragnarök and should therefore appear in a few months on our PlayStation consoles. The Internet user who shares his discovery with us declares: “I’m just keeping a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff about God of War Ragnarök right now, I’ve decided to only post the concept art of Odin. That’s all I’m going to post, and yes, Odin looks a lot different than I imagined.

A character very different from the expectations of the players

The photo in question is visible via this link only and reveals a character much less dashing than we thought. Given the quality of the image, we can suspect that this is an early version that will be refined by the release of the title. Obviously, this is not the only information that the Internet user has on God of War Ragnarok but it is the only one to which we are entitled today.

One thing is certain, fans are eagerly awaiting November 9 when they can experience the game on PS4 and PS5. If you want to pre-order the title, go to our guide to get it at the best price.

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