LEGO makes the blunder of the century by unveiling its new identity

The bricks of the new Marvel movie surface and spoiler the big surprise of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

For once, the promotional images of LEGO sets adapting a Marvel movie in brick format are discovered even before their official announcement. Generally revealing few clues as to the plot of the film in question, these kits still allow you to learn a little more about the presence of certain characters through the minifigures included. The problem is that this time, the spoiler is monumental.

After Chadwick Boseman’s death from cancer in 2020, the character of Black Panther was left without an interpreter. For the purpose of tribute but above all out of respect for the actor, his relatives and his colleagues at Marvel, the character of T’Challa has voluntarily not been recast. Since this announcement, fans of the character have been concerned about the takeover of the role by an already existing character. Who would be able to follow the charismatic actor while paying homage to him? While the first trailer was careful not to tell us more, the question no longer arises now that the identity of the new hero is revealed in broad daylight.

headband spoilers

A surprise that is not one

Theories and other rumors were rife to try to guess the heir to the Black Panther costume. While some imagined discovering Nakia, T’Challa’s partner, others imagined seeing Okoye or even Killmonger there according to the most eccentric theories. Finally, you didn’t have to look far to guess the identity of the new Black Panther, a title and powers that will remain in the family.

LEGO kit with Shuri as Black Panther, and movie villains

Without surprise, it is Shuri, the late king’s little sister who will take over in the rest of the adventures of the hero of Wakanda. The LEGO sets show us the young woman with her face uncovered, proudly wearing the hero’s costume embellished with the famous gauntlets she already used in the first film. One set in particular featuring a figurine of the young heroine with and without the costume in what looks like a mini training center leaves no room for doubt.

LEGO kit with Shuri and the Black Panther costume
LEGO kit with a ship, Shuri, Nakia and a new character

If we pay attention to the kit consisting of a ship and a few characters, we even discover what seems to be a new character alongside Nakia and Shuri. With an armor that is reminiscent of that of Iron Man, will we also meet Riri Williams alias Ironheart ahead of her Disney+ series which will make her the successor to Tony Stark? One thing is certain, this new film promises its share of surprises and revelations. The return to Wakanda is scheduled for November 9 in French cinemas.

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