LEGO unveils a The Mighty Bowser set, which you will love!

LEGO announces its latest addition to the LEGO Super Mario product line: the largest LEGO Bowser to date, with no less than 2,807 bricks.

LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser is a particularly detailed reproduction of the king of the Koopa. He has posable limbs and the ability to throw fireballs!

It’s the latest design from the partnership between the LEGO and Nintendo brands, which launched in 2020. The adult collection includes several Super Mario-themed sets, each one designed for nostalgic fans who associate Mario with their childhood.

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The LEGO Bowser minifigure, part of The Universe of Adults range, is long awaited by fans who will be able to take on a new building challenge and bring back wonderful memories. The build joins previous sets: the buildable Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the iconic ‘?’ with, inside, levels of the game Super Mario 64.

Note that this The Mighty Bowser set uses new LEGO pieces designed to recreate the spikes of its shell. In addition to a fireball launcher and a button to control the movements of its head and neck, the mouth, arms, legs and tail will also be articulated, in order to reproduce the fearsome attitude of the King Koopa.

In the great tradition of the LEGO Super Mario range, The Mighty Bowser also includes an interactive element. If you have a LEGO Super Mario starter kit, you can take on Bowser using Mario, Luigi or Peach minifigures. But be careful, Bowser is armed with a ball of fire and won’t hesitate to defend himself!

Whether you buy this The Mighty Bowser set to build, play with, or display, its arrival will take many fans back in time.

The new LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser set will go on sale from October 1, 2022 at a price of 269.99 euros.

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