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Lelo Sila Cruise review: cruising is fun

Released at the beginning of the year, Lelo’s Sila Cruise attempts to reconcile slow-sex with the formidable efficiency of contactless stimulators.

Released this year, the new Sila Cruise is the opposite of most clitoral sex toys already on the market. With a softer approach, and its Cruise Control technology, the non-contact stimulator advocates a return to slow-sex, which was beginning to be lacking in a landscape largely dominated by performance. A direct competitor to the excellent Womanizer Premium 2 released at the end of last year, Lelo’s new toy already has nothing to prove.

Discover the Lelo Sila Cruise

Design and ergonomics: smooth

Released earlier this year, Lelo’s Sila Cruise looks exactly like its predecessor, marketed since 2019. Apart from their nomenclature, nothing seems to differentiate the two models. It must be said that the brand would have been wrong to do otherwise: with its neat design and its finished finishes, the sex toy is intended to replace the first Sila of the name, while providing it with Cruise Control technology to which we will return. An assumed heritage, and particularly effective, even if we would have appreciated a few additional colors to distinguish them.

As on most Lelo sex toys, there is a almost unibody body made of medical silicone, which has the advantage — in addition to being very pleasant to the touch — of being completely inert once in contact with the mucous membranes. A few golden ABS plastic details complete the decidedly very nice look of the device. With its wide mouth, its pastel colors (pink, lilac and turquoise) and its rounded curves, the Lelo Sila Cruise looks like a snail, and that’s probably no coincidence. By betting on an organic and discreet shape, the device sheds its purely technological aspect, to offer us a more intuitive and reassuring handling, which advocates a return to assumed slowness.

On the edge of the Sila Cruise, there is a charging port, as well as three buttons for controlling the device. In addition to being perfectly integrated into the silicone coating of the sex toy, they also shine with their ergonomics: Not only they fit perfectly under the fingers, but the “+” has the good sense to be positioned so that it is at the top when using the device. A very practical sense of detail on a daily basis, especially since it is complicated to differentiate the buttons blindly. The USB cable, on the other hand, allows two-hour quick charge. Be careful, it does not sink completely into the device, which can be unsettling at first.

As beautiful as it is intelligent, the Sila Cruise is based on a relatively simple operation : a simple press on the “+” is enough to switch it on. While the “+” and “-” buttons allow you to navigate between the eight intensities of the sex toy, the “()” can be used to navigate between the modes. A long press on the “()” finally stops the machine. If the operation of the device was not obvious at the start, it has a significant advantage: even when finishing on the highest intensities, it is not necessary to go down all the levels for the Stop. Finally, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that it was also possible to lock the device by simultaneously pressing the “+” and “-” buttons. Once again, it’s a detail that counts, especially if you’re traveling with it.

Long live slow sex!

Under the hood, the sex toy takes over the Lelo patented sonic wave technology, and adapts it to the most sensitive clitoris. It must be said that the Sona 2 – the brand’s big bestseller – tended not to be lace. Powerful, its twelve non-contact stimulation modes relied on cruising speed “to the point” that we would have liked to slow down at times. Rather slow sex enthusiast, the Sila Cruise takes a different approach, but just as effective. Thanks to its sonic waves and widened mouth, the device positions itself very naturally, and offers more balanced stimulation intensities. It also stands out as an ideal first sex toy (provided you pay the price).

Be careful, however, not to confuse slow-sex with lack of performance. If we could blame the Sona for being too rough, the Sila Cruise is nonetheless extremely effective. With its two hours of autonomy in use, and an orgasm every minute on average, the device does not have to be ashamed in the face of the Sona or the competition. On the contrary, it turns out to be particularly pleasant in the long term: with its controlled intensity, it allows you to put the cover back immediately, without fearing the refractory period due to the hypersensitivity of the clitoris. If this trend had already been democratized with most contactless stimulators, it is obvious here.

Very effective solo, the Lelo Sila Cruise is also perfect for two (or more). Its compact size fits in the hand, and is very easy to use. Its wide mouthpiece is here again a major asset, since it is much easier for a partner to target the erogenous zone blindly. Finally, its design allows use even in the event of penetrating sex, which is a significant advantage.

Cruise Control: a long, not-so-quiet river

If the new Sila Cruise from Lelo plays on its resemblance to the brand’s first Sila, the sex toy nevertheless offers a major novelty with the Cruise Control. Fans of the brand should not be out of place, since the automatic cruise control has already been implemented on the Sona 2.

Concretely, the technology allows the device toautomatically increase its power when pressed firmly against the body. The insurance promises the mark, of an orgasm without loss of speed, since the SIla Cruise will “to acknowledge” the fateful moment for deliver an extra power shot. In use, the result remains relatively discreet, but offers quite incredible general sensations. The sonic waves stimulate the entire external clitoris, and propagate all along the internal area. Alone or combined, the Sila Cruise is faultless, which definitely has nothing to envy to the competition. Compared to the Womanizer and its Pleasure Air technology, it will be above all a matter of taste: the two technologies may look alike, they definitely do not provide the same sensations, and ultimately have only their effectiveness in common.

In addition to the Cruise control technology, the Lelo Sila Cruise also offers several levels of intensity, as well as eight different stimulation rhythms to suit everyone’s preferences. If they turn out to be repetitive fairly quickly, they are still pleasant to use. The device is anyway so effective that we rarely have time to go around in circles.

Luxury sex toy for the savvy wallet

With its two-hour battery life (up to 90 days in standby mode), USB charging and carrying case, the Lelo Sila Cruise is a luxury item. In addition to the details brought to its design and its technical sheet, we will particularly appreciate the fact that it is waterproof, making it usable in the shower, but above all much easier to clean. Sold 189€, we expected no less. Finally, it should also be noted that if its sound level is not the most discreet, the Sila Cruise gets away with a rather honorable score of 60 dB at maximum power. Not enough to wake up the neighbors.

Discover the Lelo Sila Cruise

Lelo Sila Cruise


Lelo Sila Cruise

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