Lenovo Legion 135W PD 3.1 charger soon available to gamers

Lenovo announces new devices to strengthen the arsenal of gamers. On the menu: a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop. The brand will combine these machines with top-of-the-range accessories, including a state-of-the-art loader: the loader Lenovo Legion 135W. Here is its spec sheet.

The Lenovo Legion 135W Charger is for Legion 2022 series gaming laptops which are scheduled to be released very soon. The product comes with a compact design and high energy performance. In the promotional image, the charger appears as a square black box. As its name suggests, the charging speed of the accessory could reach 135W.

According to the report, it will have a USB Type-C port and will work with Power Delivery aka PD 3.1 technology.

Power Delivery 3.1, a technology that ensures more playing time

In recent years, improvements in USB ports have not been limited to data transfer. Manufacturers have also rolled up their sleeves to optimize power performance. Charging speed is one of the main concerns. For gamers playing on a laptop, this is a key criterion in choosing a charger.

The energy consumption of computer video game enthusiasts is constantly increasing. They do not skimp on the means to find accessories that could make them benefit from more stability, without forgetting the speed of the load. Announced in 2021, Power Delivery 3.1 technology is a major advance since it now allows computers to benefit from power from 100 W to 240 W. This is partly made possible by the Extended Power Range (EPR) function.

The Lenovo Legion 135W PD 3.1 charger could accompany other brand products

At this time, no information has been leaked on the likely cost of the Legion 135W PD 3.1 charger. On the other hand, rumors are already swirling about the imminent release of new laptops in the Chinese market. We can therefore expect the brand’s new accessory to be launched at the same time.

Following the official release of the Legion line of gaming laptops at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a few days ago, Lenovo is reportedly planning to launch 7000P and 9000P laptops that could come with USB charging support. -C PD. Of course, there will always be more powerful computers that will require more charging potential than the Lenovo Legion 135W. Experts continue their research on Extended Power Range technology to achieve 240W power.

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