Levi's launches jeans incorporating an NFT!

Levi’s launches jeans incorporating an NFT!

NFTs can definitely adapt to all situations and in all areas. Art or video games of course, but with a little imagination they can be served in all sauces!

Levi’s jumps on the NFT bandwagon with an original proposition. The creator of the famous jeans launches the 501 NFT series, the first series in the world guaranteed for life by NFT certification! Ten models are put into play as part of a prize draw.

Ten pairs to be won in the draw

This marketing operation aims to launch the new pair of 501 Original jeans designed for circularity: the garment is made of Circulose, a sustainable fiber made from recycled denim and organic cotton itself designed to be recyclable. These jeans are guaranteed for life and NFT models can be repaired at the Levi’s store on the Champs-Élysées!

The NFT associated with the jeans is an original creation which represents the digital double of the pants, that is to say a 501 jeans digitized in 3D. To participate in the draw, you must go to one of the 105 Levi’s stores in France, then scan a QR code from a dedicated webapp. That of the Champs-Élysées will exhibit two of the jeans to be won.

Registration for the raffle will close on January 9. This leaves plenty of time to go to a store to try your luck. In any case, here is an operation that demonstrates the flexibility of non-fungible tokens in all areas, including those that no one would have thought of!

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