LG introduces the largest OLED display in its history

LG has just made its first CES presentations. At the Las Vegas show, the Korean brand presented new screens.

The CES has just started and the Las Vegas show honors, as every year, the biggest brands of new technologies who proudly come to present their innovations of the year.

While yesterday the show started with great fanfare with Samsung’s announcements, especially with regard to screens, its Korean neighbor LG is also joining in the dance.

The brand has just launched a whole new generation of its OLED TVs, adding new screen sizes to the already known models. With the 5th generation of its A9 processor, LG explains that its televisions will be entitled to a better scaling of 4K, but also a greater feeling of depth.

Technical innovations for an ever better rendering

Regarding the screens, after launching an OLED panel, called “Evo”, present only on the G1 model, the firm from Busan will launch this brand new screen on other models, more accessible to the general public: the G2 and the C2.

The latter should be a more efficient television than the CX released by the brand two years ago, while remaining a less efficient device than the G2, whose component heat distribution should allow for a brighter image and better overall rendering. Another great novelty concerning these two televisions, the materials used.

They who are presented as “premium” products by the brand, sold at more than $ 1,500 each, are entitled to materials of great nobility. Indeed, the firm explains that these televisions are made with composite fiber, a very light element which allows to save a few kilograms. Indeed, thanks to this new engineering process, LG announces that the C2 weighs half the weight of the C1.

Depending on the brand, this less weight should in no way affect the rigidity of the screen. If the latter is very thin and can therefore seem fragile, it is not. With this new composite fiber, it is stronger than ever on the contrary, and its featherweight allows it to be easily mounted on a wall or the like.

Screens, from the smallest to the largest

In order to complete its range, LG also announced two new screen sizes during this CES. The first is 42 inches, so it is the smallest screen that the Busan brand can offer. Regarding the other screen size, it is quite the opposite, the largest screen of the firm.

Indeed with a 97-inch model, the Korean company is establishing itself in the very large screen market, which already offers products in gigantic sizes (83 inches and 88 inches).

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