LG presents a refrigerator like no other at IFA

LG has just presented its “MoodUP” a refrigerator like no other, capable of changing color and playing music.

This week, the biggest brands in the world of new technologies have met in Berlin. In the German capital, on the occasion of the IFA (a European version of the CES), many brands made the trip to present their products of tomorrow.

Amid amazing concepts of all kinds, LG is a brand that stands out at this show. She already made the news a few days ago with her “Flex” television capable of folding at the touch of the remote control. Impressive, this television is however not the only novelty brought to the German capital by the brand.

LG MoodUP: a UFO in the household appliance department

Indeed the group from Japan had also put a refrigerator in its suitcases. The latter, the MoodUP has a particularity. It is indeed able to change color at the request of its owner. But it was not questioned for LG to alternate only between gray, white and black, in total 22 colors are available for the upper part and 19 on the lower door.

This little technological feat is made possible by door panels covered with LEDs. But the idea for the company was not just to offer a customizable device. The addition of these colors makes it possible to warn the owner if the latter has closed the door of the refrigerator incorrectly. The doors will then begin to flash, to attract attention, explains the press release from the brand.

Sound and light

In addition to light, this new refrigerator is capable of producing sound. LG has added a Bluetooth speaker that can be used as a speaker for the kitchen. LG explains later in its statement that the refrigerator is able to correlate music and light, one adapting to the rhythm of the other.

The brand’s refrigerators are currently only presented with press releases, but they should be present on the brand’s stand during this last day of the IFA this Friday. LG could give some orders of magnitude regarding a possible release date, as well as the price of such a product.

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