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Like CleanMyMac, this software will speed up your Mac well (-60% for life)

The Washing Machine is like CleanMyMac a tool to clean and speed up your Mac. Right now it has a discount that makes it even more attractive. It is a secure and effective solution to extend the life of your computer.

Over time and heavy use, a computer tends to slow down. To avoid this embarrassment, it is imperative to take the bull by the horns and work from the beginning to always keep your Mac up to date. This requires regular cleaning of the hard drive, an essential element to ensure the speed of the machine. However, doing it by hand is time-consuming and complex.

To ensure maximum security and not to delete sensitive files, it is rather recommended to go through third-party software – trustworthy. This is the case, for example, of CleanMyMac (published by MacPaw) or the Washing Machine (published by Intego). This weekend, the latter benefit from a price never reached. If the first is sold as an annual license at €39.99 per year, the Washing Machine is €19.99 for a lifetime license.

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Not only is the Washing Machine much cheaper over time, but it is also very efficient. This software will scan your Mac to then identify all unnecessary and obsolete files. To give you an idea, there are installer files that no longer have any use, translation files, iOS backups, duplicate downloads, etc. It will also search for unwanted files to delete them. Very quickly, you can save gigs of space on your disk.

Why choose software?

Cleaning your Mac by hand is complicated and risky. It will never be as optimized as if you take software. In the case of Intego, the financial risk is minimal: it costs you €20 for a lifetime license. This allows you to use it on a regular basis (eg once a month) to ensure that your Mac is perfectly organized and optimized.

These software are very careful about the files they identify. In any case, you will always have to validate the content that it proposes to delete. In this way, you will be completely sure of what will disappear. The easiest way is to test the software: Intego, for example, gives you a 30-day “satisfied or refunded” period for its Washing Machine.

The figures of the Washing Machine are edifying: you will be able to speed up your applications up to 3 times. You will also be able to increase the ignition speed of your Mac by 30%. Intego is known to be a Mac software expert. The American company has been working in the segment for more than 20 years and is recognized by all the experts.

By purchasing this software at a fixed cost of €20, you can really have peace of mind over the long term. By doing this regular cleaning, you will also be able to significantly increase the life of your computer. So it’s a smart investment that saves you a few years – and saves you having to pay for a new Mac.

A complete offer at Intego

Having software that cleans up a Mac is important, but Intego goes further. Since 1997, the company has been best known for being one of the leaders in Mac cybersecurity. Its antivirus VirusBarrier is recognized by everyone (including AV-Test) as the best protection on Mac. Moreover, it is not available on other operating systems.

Intego has thought of a way to combine all of its software into one suite: the Mac Premium Bundle. The latter contains the Washing Machine, but also the antivirus, the back-up cloud and a parental control interface. If you really want to protect your Mac and optimize it to last a few more years, this is the best compromise on the market.

This Mac Premium Bundle suite is also at a great price for a few days. Intego displays it at only €29.99 per year instead of €84.99. Unlike the Washing Machine which is sold as a lifetime license, this is an annual license. It will therefore cost more over time, but it will easily extend the life of your Mac by a few years. It’s a good solution, whether your Mac is new or old, to secure your data.

To discover this complete Intego solution, it’s here:

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