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Like CleanMyMac, this tool boosts the speed of your Mac (-60% for life)

The Washing Machine, which is published by Intego, is software that speeds up Macs. Similar to a CleanMyMac, this optimization and sorting tool is really efficient. It can triple the speed of your apps to make it like new Mac!

Foreword : This software is not only for those whose Mac is too slow. Like CleanMyMac, Intego designed its tool to protect Apple computers from the start. If you have a Mac and want to extend its lifespan as much as possible, you might as well take advantage of this software. In addition, it is sold as a “lifetime” license.

There are two big players in the market for Mac cleaning and acceleration tools: CleanMyMac which is edited by MacPaw and the Washing machine which is published by Intego. While the two solutions both offer more or less the same result, their price is very different at the moment. In this case, Intego breaks the price of its software for the new year.

In detail, the Washing Machine is displayed at € 19.99 instead of € 49.99 for a lifetime price. So once you have purchased the software, you can use it for as long as you think is relevant. This is an exclusive offer because all other Intego tools are sold as an annual license. This is also the case for CleanMyMac which is sold € 39.99 per year.

Discover the Washing Machine

What is the Washing Machine used for? Expert on the Apple operating system since 1997, Intego has developed this tool to respond to a frustration of Mac users: slowness. While Apple machines are known to be fast at first, they lose speed over time. The disk space which is reduced with the duration (and the installations) is a real brake on speed.

What the Washing Machine does is scan the content on the Mac’s hard drive and then identify unnecessary files. For example, this can be files that have been downloaded several times (duplicates), installation files that are no longer useful or even translation files that do not concern you (and yet are there). Regularly, you have to launch the software to clean and speed up your Mac.

Why choose Intego and its tool?

Of course, you can try to clean your computer yourself. That said, you will never achieve the result offered by an optimized tool like Intego (or CleanMyMac). You can test the effectiveness of the Washing Machine for yourself: you have a 30 day money back guarantee. With this tool, you have no fear: you will never delete sensitive files.

Intego is one of the great software experts on macOS. Initially, it started with its VirusBarrier antivirus, which is still the benchmark today. With over 30 million installations worldwide, it’s one of the most popular on Macs. Several experts claim that it is the most effective on the market against viruses. AV-Test even claims that it detects 100% of threats. The antivirus is sold as an annual license and this is also the case for the Mac Premium Bundle.

This pack includes not only the antivirus but also the Washing Machine as well as two other software (cloud back-up and parental control). If you want to protect your Mac the best it can, this is the ultimate. You have perfect coverage for € 29.99 per year compared to € 84.99 normally. Here, too, Intego offers you a 30-day trial period. This allows you to test the best antivirus for free.

To view the Mac Premium Bundle, it’s here:

Discover the Intego Bundle

Discover the Washing Machine

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