Living without Amazon is possible with this new extension

On Amazon, the brands put forward are not always independent. This extension explains how to sort it out.

If Amazon assumes to market its own products, in particular under the Amazon Basics brand, some products sold on the American marketplace also belong to the web giant. Among them, brands sold exclusively on Amazon, which quickly turns out to belong to GAFAM. According to a recent survey conducted by the nonprofit media The MarkUp, the company founded by Jeff Bezos would have gotten into the habit of highlighting its own products in the pages of search results, including when competing results are top rated. At the same time, the platform would also have recorded more than 150 trademarks with the North American Patent and Trademark Office, in order to sell thousands of items under the guise of third-party brands.

Why is it a problem ?

For consumers, not explicitly announcing that a brand belongs to Amazon is problematic, especially when the latter is sold on its platform. The situation allows the web giant to “to hide” its affiliation with a product in question, which can then be put forward under the guise of independence. To remedy this thorny problem, The MarkUp has devised a free extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers, capable of helping consumers identify products belonging to Amazon when they browse the online platform. Once installed, the extension allows you to point out all products belonging to Amazon, thus allowing a potential buyer to make an informed choice. Whether it is Goodthreads, Panykoo, Ofeefan or Berydale, several brands have been scrutinized. Note that the web giant seems to gradually begin to be transparent, by identifying certain references under the tab “Our brands”. Without the initiative of The MarkUp, they remain difficult to identify.

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