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L’Oréal wants you to avoid hair disasters

L’Oréal unveils a device that promises to revolutionize hair color at home, and you avoid some gray hair.

While hair salons had closed their doors, many people took advantage of the confinement to afford a new face. Cuts and colors not always the most beautiful effect, evidenced by the many videos shared on social networks. Hair change has also established itself as a trend for 2020 on TikTok, whether it is successful or not. In a statement, L’Oréal notes that during the pandemic, the use of home hair color increased by 6%.

Well aware that many of its customers are now relying on hair color at home, more economical than going to the salon, L’Oréal is launching a product designed to make their task easier. In a press release, the brand explains: “During this time, consumers were faced with the difficulties of a home coloring process that has barely evolved for decades, namely messy hair dye and the complexity of applying coloring to difficult spots to reach”.

Stop having white hair

For 5 years, the French brand has thus developed this device capable of mixing the exact doses of products (coloring and developer cream). The process is intended to be simple and easy to access. The first step is to choose an ammonia-free coloring from the 40 shades available on the Colorsonic website. The latter will then be sent to your home, in the form of a cartridge which will have to be inserted into the device.

Then, it will mix the developer and the coloring homogeneously, before application. Finally, all that remains is to use the brush, a nozzle of bristles that moves 300 times per minute, to effectively and quickly cover all of the user’s hair. L’Oréal promises even and effortless distribution.

An ecological approach?

The practicality of the machine is not the only argument put forward by L’Oréal. The brand reaffirms its desire to put ecology at the heart of its strategy by focusing on reusable cartridges (for touch-ups) but also and above all much less heavy in plastic than conventional coloring boxes. Colorsonic will also be marketed with reusable gloves (up to 10 times). L’Oréal is also announcing a lightweight cartridge and device shipping packaging made from certified recyclable paper.

It should be remembered, however, that colorings are made up of many chemicals which flow into wastewater. While most of the formulas are now ammonia-free, they are made up of numerous oxidants, preservatives and fixatives whose impact on the environment is significant.

Not before 2023

If you were already dreaming of getting your hands on Colorsonic before your next hair color, you will have to be patient. L’Oréal announces marketing at the start of 2023, in the United States to begin with. The cosmetics giant has not communicated on the price either.

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