Lowering CO2 emissions would not be the solution to climate change

Because of climatic problems, man seeks to lower CO2 emissions. With this in mind, different researchers have studied an efficient way of capture and sequester carbon. The aim is to prevent CO2 from reaching the atmosphere by storing it in underground geological formations adapted. For the European Commission, this initiative mainly concerns emissions from industrial infrastructure and power stations.

Moreover, the European Commission considers carbon capture and storage as “Important” if that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. His argument is that the majority of industries and energy producers will remain dependent on fossil fuels In the coming years.

However, Francesco Starace, the CEO of Enel, do not share this idea. Note that Enel is a national electricity company from Italy. He is the main producer of electric power in the country.

Stopping the diffusion of CO2 would be the right solution

Supporters carbon capture and sequestration technologies highlight their role in the achievement of global energy and climate goals. However, climatology researchers and environmental groups think differently. They have long denounced this kind of technology that would maintain the global dependence on fossil fuels.

Starace agrees. According to him, the years his company has spent trying to develop such technologies are enough. For him, the real solution would be to stop the diffusion of CO2.

“If a technology doesn’t really recover in five years – and here we’re talking more than five years, we’re talking about 15 years, at least – you better give it up. I’m not saying it’s not worth trying again, but we’re not going to. Maybe other industries can try more and be successful. For us, this is not a solution. “
Francesco Starace

Face the problem instead of getting around it

Enel plans a direct investment of 70 billion euros in the assets ofrenewable energy. By 2030, the company’s renewable capacity is expected to reach 129 gigawatts.

In addition, the Italian company initially planned to commit to issuing zero carbon for 2050. However, it has decided to advance this date by 2040, and this, for all its direct and indirect broadcasts. To do this, Enel plans to give up coal production by 2027. Regarding its gas production, the company wants to stop it by 2040.

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