Lush 3 connected egg test: can’t wait for Easter!

We tested the Lush 3 from Lovense. A connected egg that is definitely not lacking in assets.

In the sextech market, there are brands that everyone (or almost) knows, such as Womanizer, Lora Di Carlo or Satisfyer. There are also the outsiders, who impose themselves through a more responsible or more ethical approach. Between the two, the catalog is vast, but it struggles to stand out. However, some companies manage to stand out, like Lovense and its vibrating eggs. With the Lush 3, the manufacturer has succeeded in reinventing a best-selling sex toy, while making a few discreet but significant changes.

Design and ergonomics: its beauty is internal

At almost 140€, the Lush 3 is far from being a low-end sex toy. Too bad, its packaging does not really reflect the premium positioning of the brand. Without being really missed, it goes completely unnoticed. Its white cardboard does not really make you want, and we would be almost disappointed with its satin storage pouch.

Lush 3 held sex toy
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

It is only once unpacked that the vibrating egg finally becomes interesting. Behind its unique bright pink colourway, the all-silicone unibody coating looks great. If the device does not make any significant design change compared to its predecessor, it is because there was not much to change: its finishes are simply perfect. The insertable part of the egg is medium in size, with a maximum insertable diameter of 3.7 cm, and a slight protrusion to stimulate the G-zone more deeply. The flexible rod is also made of silicone, and has a single control button on its end. Compared to many other similar models, no doubt, the device is particularly well thought out. We would probably have preferred a less garish color, but the design is as beautiful as it promises to be effective.

How do you like your eggs?

Designed to be used as a couple, the Lush 3 shines above all for its versatility and simplicity. For a connected sex toy, this is a quality rare enough to be underlined. For several years now, connected models have followed one another, but they are not necessarily unanimous. Among the brands already present on the market, only We-Vibe and Satisfyer had so far succeeded in convincing us by combining an ergonomic application with a stable and secure connection.

It is clear that on this point in particular, Lovense plays the very good students. Via the iOS and Android Lovense Remote application, the brand allows you to pair your sex toy with a smartphone. Pairing is done in a few minutes (be careful to download the Remote application, and not Lovense Connect), and navigation is particularly fluid. Locally, the Lush 3 can thus be controlled directly from your phone via manual mode. Then there are the Sound modes, to synchronize the egg with the surrounding sound environment, and Playlist. It is also possible to create your own vibration patterns, and save them for later. However, we do not recommend venturing into Alarm mode. Although the prospect of being awakened by vibrations may seem attractive, spending the night with a device stuck in your vagina is probably not the idea of ​​the century.

Lush 3 sextech zoom sex toy
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Thanks to its connection Bluetooth 4.0, the Lush 3’s controls are responsive up to 10 meters away, even through walls and clothing. For remote stimulation, the vibrating egg is a safe bet. Especially since if it is effective locally, the sex toy is also formidable in long distance connection: once coupled with the application and Wi-Fi, all you have to do is send your identifier to a partner to control the remote device. The manufacturer promises a secure connection, accessible only from an authorized smartphone. Note that if we have not had the opportunity to test this functionality, it is also possible to synchronize two brand models, for simultaneous stimulation, even from a distance. For occasional partners, it is also possible to opt for an ephemeral sharing link, which allows temporary control over the sex toy.

Obviously, a smartphone is not mandatory to control the device. Thanks to its single control button located on its stem, the Lush 3 is also controllable “the old fashioned way”. This is far from being a detail, since it allows it to vibrate without a smartphone nearby.

Everything is good in the egg

The shape of the Lush 3 may not sign any significant evolution compared to the Lush 2, it is quite the opposite when we look at its technical sheet. The connected egg operates a beautiful technical evolution, and it is felt from the first use. Definitely more discreet than its predecessor, the sex toy peaks at 43 decibels, which makes it quite discreet, even when used outdoors. It is for this use that the Lush 3 was designed: in restaurants or in any public place that is a little bit noisy, the device will go completely unnoticed. It should be recalled, however, that according to article 222-32 of the Penal Code, having a sexual relationship in a public place accessible to others (even without apparent nudity) is an offense punishable by one year’s imprisonment and 15,000 € fine. A penalty that can be doubled in the event of exposure on a minor under 15 years old.

Lush 3 sextech load sex toy
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Unlike other similar models, the flexible upper of the Lush 3 allows it to stay securely in place when worn, even on the move. The growth designed to stimulate the G-zone internally positions itself naturally, and the motor delivers powerful and deep vibrations. In terms of sensations, it’s flawless. Provided you appreciate intravaginal stimulation, the device is undoubtedly one of the most successful models on the market, especially when coupled with an external clitoral stimulator. Be careful though to use it with a good dose of water-based lubricant. We can never repeat it enough, a better glide not only increases sensations, but also limits the risk of microlesions, conducive to STIs and other infections.

With its long-lasting battery, the Lush 3 announces more than four hours of battery life. It’s a lot, but the figure is to be revised downwards in the event of a Bluetooth connection. Note all the same that it is more than enough to use it several times without fearing the blow of the breakdown. Finally – this is a minimum given its price – the sex toy also offers an IPX7 certification, which will allow it to be cleaned more easily, but above all to be used under water.

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