Madness for two finds his Harley Quinn completely gaga

The popstar known as “Mother Monster” will join Joaquin Phoenix in bringing the Joker and Harley Quinn duo to life.

Doctor Harleen Quinzel is not “Born this Way” but will succumb to the Joker’s madness in the sequel to Todd Phillips’ film. Whereas Joker: Madness for two was getting a release date just yesterday, another major news has just fallen for the feature film scheduled for October 4, 2024. Indeed, the Batman antagonist has just found his companion in the person of Lady Gaga.

After the many rumors about it, the artist confirmed his new role via a short video posted on his Twitter account. We discover the silhouettes of Joaquin Phoenix and Mother Monster ready to embark on a wild dance. But more than just an announcement, the presence of Gaga in the film seems to confirm other rumors that will not please everyone.

From Gotham to Chromatica there is only one step

There “Bad Romance” between Harley Quinn and the Joker would she prepare to transform Gotham City into La La Land ? Sources close to the project mentioned last June that this sequel would take the direction of a musical. The artist’s singing talents are no longer to be proven and after her stunning performance in the remake of A Star is Bornthe inclusion of Gaga in this film makes sense.

Some fans might start to rebel against the completely offbeat genre, but if Todd Phillips manages to transpose his universe into a musical format, we could have the right to one of the most original films of recent years. A cynical and dark interpretation of the two characters in a melancholy and dancing envelope: the ingredients are there to concoct a true masterpiece.

While the first opus revolutionized comic book adaptations by offering a rather unique auteur film, this sequel seems ready to push the limit of madness even further. We can therefore say that future feature film is aptly named… Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga are preparing a grandiose show for Joker: Madness for two that we will find in dark rooms within two years.

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