Maicat, the robot-cat that makes you want to have a real cat

Unveiled at IFA 2022, the Maicat is a cat-robot developed by a young startup South Korean. With its design quite similar to Sony’s Aibo (cat model) and its many sensors (pressure/touch), actuators, actuators, and motors, the Maicat is on paper quite attractive for a domestic robot… whose main objective is to make an appearance. The robot cat also has a microphone, a speaker, cameras, and even a laser that can accurately determine the distance between the robot and a given object.

On paper, it’s a nice electronic toy, but in the presentation trailer, on the other hand, it’s not quite that anymore. Maicat indeed moves very painfully, and despite some successful movements (when it stretches for example), the whole thing does not really make you want to, especially since the many sensors placed on the Maicat’s head largely spoil the sobriety of the overall design. For 1500 dollars (selling price of the Maicat), one could expect much more.

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