Manufacturers will no longer have to deliver headphones with their smartphones in France

Manufacturers will no longer have to deliver headphones with their smartphones in France

It was a unique obligation in the world which will soon disappear in France. The law which aims to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology will indeed allow manufacturers to no longer provide hands-free kits with their smartphones.

Today, when you buy a new smartphone in France, consumers will find headphones there: this is not a gift from the manufacturers, but an obligation enshrined in the law since 2010, which requires them to provide an accessory ” making it possible to limit the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions during communications “. A hands-free kit, ie headphones.

French exception

Until recent years, manufacturers delivered headphones all over the world with their smartphones. But Apple, followed by others, has started removing these headphones from the packaging, instructing the user to purchase a pair (or use older models). Except in France, which is one of the only countries on the globe to have this kind of obligation.

It will soon be over: Article 14 of the law aimed at reducing the digital environmental footprint effectively removes the compulsory provision of a hands-free kit. Patrick Chaize, the senator behind the law, confirms it with Frandroid : the only obligation of the manufacturers will be to ” ensure the availability of headphones compatible with the terminal model during its marketing period “. Customers should therefore be able to easily purchase headphones.

From an environmental point of view, these headphones represent a ” major source of waste », Underlines the senator. Sanitary side, ” bodies of international expertise, such as the International Health Organization (WHO) have so far refuted the existence of a causal link established between exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by telephones and chronic pathologies “.

The law was passed by the Senate at second reading a few days ago. It only remains to publish it in the Official newspaper for it to apply.

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