Image promotionnelle de Mario Strickers : Battle League football sur Switch avec Mario et Bowser se lançant des regards

Mario Strickers makes his selection for wild football games

More than a month before being able to tread the grounds of Mario Strickers, the opportunity for Nintendo to reveal the cast of characters.

During their career, Mario and his friends have had the right to a number of sports spin-offs of all kinds. Passing by basketball, multisport, golf, tennis and of course kart racing, in other words, the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom are top athletes! And yet, there is a sport that had not had the right to a new adaptation since 2007 on the Wii, and which was long overdue.

Mario-style football will make its big comeback on June 10 on Nintendo Switch with Mario Strickers: Battle League Football. In the kingdom of Peach, this sport becomes a contact sport with very brutal rules: everything is allowed, even electrocuting your opponents against the barriers of the field. Whether you like football or not, this series of games allows fierce battles on a field that has nothing to envy to the frenzy of Mario Kart. With simple controls but a varied arsenal of techniques, the gameplay of this spin-off has always proven to be effective for both beginners and aficionados alike.

After discovering gameplay during its announcement three months ago, Nintendo is now confirming its selection of characters who will have the honor of competing in extraordinary football tournaments.

A lightweight cast set to expand?

To get people talking about its game one month before its release, Big N invites us to discover the lucky winners of its new sports game through magnificent artwork in such a particular style that makes the charm of the series of Mario Strickers Football. Ten characters then reveal themselves to us, and there is something for everyone.. Bowser, Harmonie, Toad, or even Waluigi, whom we regretted not having seen in Smash Bros Ultimate, will notably be there.

This cast is colorful, but compared to other games of the genre like Mario Tennis Aces Where Mario Golf: Super Rush, it is already possible to smell the smell of DLC or updates in the air. Nintendo is making a growing habit of extending the lifespan of its games via free updates or add-on content packs, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them follow the same pattern here. And if we follow the latest trend of the Kyoto firm, in case of DLC, these will probably end up joining the Nintendo Switch Online subscription + Additional Pack which already includes the expansions ofAnimal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2.

Whether you’re a regular on the series looking forward to this new episode or want to discover a new kind of football, this opus promises to offer frantic competitions that will liven up evenings with friends.

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