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Mark Zuckerberg accuses media of relaying fake news about Facebook

The Facebook boss now believes his company is the target of a media disinformation campaign. A rather ironic situation for a firm regularly accused of playing the fake news game.

For a few weeks now, the Facebook Files revealed by whistleblower France Haugen have undoubtedly been one of the most important crises the company has ever had to manage. Even though he is already accused of having influenced the presidential elections several times – not only in the United States, but also internationally – Mark Zuckerberg must now answer for the harmful impact of his social networks on younger.

The misinformed disinformer

Despite the criticism that is pouring in and the investigations carried out by most of the international regulators, Mark Zuckerberg intends to make his voice heard. During the release of its latest quarterly report, which this year sees rising profits for the Facebook empire, the social media giant explained that if “good faith critics ” helped the company to improve, there was also “A coordinated effort to selectively use the disclosed documents to paint a false image of [Facebook]”.

Obviously, the media have always used their visibility to inform readers in a subjective way. It is still difficult to believe today that a publication can be perfectly objective, especially at a time when algorithms make rain and shine to highlight, or on the contrary hide an article according to its title or popularity. However, Facebook is complaining about a phenomenon that it itself has largely contributed to democratize.

For years, the social network has been singled out for its propensity for disinformation, be it political matters with Cambridge Analytica, abuse of dominance or societal phenomena, as the Facebook Files recently revealed. . If Mark Zuckerberg’s position on the disinformation campaign “Suffered” by Facebook is therefore not totally wrong, it still sounds like a straightforward irony.

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