Marvel and Disney are boycotting theaters in France?

No theatrical release for Black Panther 2 is the threat brandished by Disney in response to the media timeline.

Black Panther 2 will he skip the cinema box in France? While Disney already intends to deprive French operators of its end-of-year animated film, the firm is now threatening to apply the same sentence to its next Marvel-stamped film. If it was the Covid which had so far pushed the house of ideas to migrate to Disney +, it is the chronology of the media applied in France which would pose a problem this time.

For a long time now, Disney has made the French exception its pet peeve. While the firm relies heavily on its platform, the rules applied in France regarding the availability of films released in cinemas in France on the platforms complicate its task. Despite the review, signed by Netflix only, Mickey feels that this legislation penalizes her in many ways.

Concretely, SVOD offers like Disney+ must now wait only 17 months before we can add the released movies indoors in their catalog. This goes for Disney+, but also Amazon Prime Video. For Netflix, which invests more heavily in French creation, this window has been reduced to just 15 months.

Everyone must, however, remove films in the 22nd month to leave the field open to free channels such as TF1, M6 or Arte. It is mainly this aspect that is problematic. After canceling the release ofAvalonia, the strange journey in France, Disney would seriously evaluate the possibility of applying the same strategy in France.

Wakanda no more in France

The second part of the adventures of Black Panther could thus be broadcast directly on Disney+ according to Le Film Français. Our colleagues explain: “The rumor of the cancellation of the theatrical release in France of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, distributed by The Walt Disney Company France, had been simmering for some time within the sector until it was mentioned – in the presence of representatives of the FNCF and the CNC during (…) a general assembly which was held on Friday September 9 in Paris.”

Disney France would have indicated that “The media timeline forces us to evaluate our theatrical releases film by film.” The Burbank firm specifies that it has not yet made a “decision as to the exit for France.” As a reminder, the first film directed by Ryan Coogler had attracted 3.7 million spectators in our green regions. This second film could break this record since it is particularly awaited.

Since the death of Chadwick Boseman, who camped Black Panther, spectators have been wondering about the direction that the franchise has chosen to take. The name of his or her successor has not been confirmed. It is rumored that it is Shuri, camped by Letitia Wright, who will take the lead.

Avatar 2 live from your living rooms?

Marvel is undoubtedly one of the strongest licenses of the Disney stable. The footage produced by Kevin Feige multiplies the records, and allows the studios to largely bail out their coffers. A release on Disney+ would thus represent a significant shortfall. In its standoff with the Ministry of Culture, could Disney apply this sanction to other films planned for this year?

We obviously think of Avatar: The Waterway which is due to invade our cinemas next December. As much to say it right away, it is rather unlikely. Already, because the experience has been designed for the cinema, more than any film, but also and above all, because the film will easily exceed two billion dollars at the worldwide box office and it could not happen French cinemas to achieve such an objective.

All that remains is to wait for Disney to formalize the situation of Black Panther. One thing is certain, the firm continues to bet on its platform, even if it means making it its number 1 priority?

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