Marvel is in the process of developing a future MMO game

A few years ago, Marvel’s presence in the video game industry had become almost imperceptible. But Marvel quickly rectified the situation and reaffirmed its presence in the world of video games and intends to be on all fronts.



This new position of Marvel goes hand in hand with the releases of titles like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy; Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avenger. Their new ambition is to include an MMORPG game.

The latest news from Marvel

Just recently in the presentation to investors of the company Enad Global 7, the name of Marvel echoed. It was about an MMORPG in development. This new project would have been entrusted to the good care of Dimentional Ink Studios known to have taken part in the development of DC Universe Online. The one who will be at the helm for this new Marvel-related project is Jack Emmert.

This name is already well known to the house, because it already has at the head of titles such as City of Heroes or DC Universe Online. Apart from this little information, there is very little to learn about a probable content of the game. For the moment, one of the only certainties is that this game will not be released before the year 2022.

A game that remains very mysterious

For now, nothing concrete can be said about this famous Marvel MMO. To add another layer, Marvel Games has simply not officially confirmed that this new MMO game is in development. This silence makes the latest revelations made about this game even stranger. However, we cannot forget that this game clearly appears in the investor document of Enad Global 7.

Either way, neither side seems to want to leak any information. Suffice to say that the curious will have to take their trouble patiently and hope that Marvel Games or Enad Global 7 communicates on the subject. What do you think an MMO might look like in the Marvel Universe? Good or bad idea ? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: ComicBook

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