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Marvel Netflix series land on Disney+, but not in France

It’s official, the Marvel series produced by Netflix will be arriving on Disney+. The platform has definitely wasted no time.

Determined to repatriate all Marvel productions on its streaming platform, Disney had already begun a vast cleaning operation, depriving Netflix of several of its original programs centered on the Defenders. The question remained whether the American giant intended to take over the rights to these series, or simply drag them under the rug. By choosing to have Charlie Cox (Daredevil) appear in Spider-man: No way home, the big-eared firm had already given some clues about its intentions. Now things are official.

Already on Disney+

On Twitter, Disney + announces the imminent arrival of the Defenders in its ranks. Since the next march 16the American subscribers of the platform will have the opportunity to see or see again, what is still considered today as the best incursion of characters from the house of ideas on the small screen, with Daredevil in the lead.

Same story in Canada, Ireland or Australia, where it will be possible to take advantage of The Punisher, Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones and The Defendersunder cover of having an adult account (content being classified as mature on the platform.)

On the other hand, France does not seem to be concerned for the time being. The arrival of productions across the Atlantic is nevertheless a symbol of hope for French spectators.

Marvel cleans up

If the repatriation of Netflix series on Disney+ had been announced a long time ago, it could initiate the arrival of several other Marvel-stamped programs, including some reboots and suites of already cult programs. Series X-men Evolution for example, was repatriated last year on the platform, and should be entitled to a sequel titled X-men 97′. It must be said that the advantage is twofold for Disney: not only does the company with the big ears ensure total control over the programs derived from the MCU and their possible sequels, but in addition, it enriches its Star catalog (or Hulu) with some more mature content aimed at adults.

We can also hope that Marvel recovers all its characters to integrate them into its vast cinematographic universe, we dream of a film Daredevil which pays homage to the work of Steven S. DeKnight and Drew Goddard, while exploring what the series didn’t have time to do. As a reminder, it was canceled after its third season, while a dantesque confrontation was preparing, against Benjamin Pointdexter, alias Shooter in the comics.

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