Marvel Netflix series will arrive sooner than expected on Disney+

It’s official, the Marvel series produced by Netflix will be arriving on Disney+. The platform has definitely wasted no time.

Determined to repatriate all Marvel productions on its streaming platform, Disney had already begun a vast cleaning operation, depriving Netflix of several of its original programs centered on the Defenders. The question remained whether the American giant intended to take over the rights to these series, or simply drag them under the rug. By choosing to have Charlie Cox (Daredevil) appear in Spider-man: No way home, the big-eared firm had already given some clues about its intentions. Now things are official.

Already on Disney+

According to site information Mobile Syrup and Engagement, Disney+ would have already repatriated the adventures of Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, The Punisher, Iron Fist and Luke Cage on its catalog. In Canada, the programs initially produced by Netflix will thus be available from March 16, adds an official press release. An agenda that corresponds to previous information, which announced the departure of the series from the N red platform from March 1. For the rest of the world, and in particular for France, it is therefore an encouraging sign to see the Defenders arrive on Disney+ before the end of the year.

Marvel cleans up

If the repatriation of Netflix series on Disney+ had been announced a long time ago, it could initiate the arrival of several other Marvel-stamped programs, including some reboots and suites of already cult programs. Series X-men Evolution for example, was repatriated last year on the platform, and should be entitled to a sequel titled X-men 97′. It must be said that the advantage is twofold for Disney: not only does the company with the big ears ensure total control over the programs derived from the MCU and their possible sequels, but in addition, it enriches its Star catalog (or Hulu) with some more mature content aimed at adults.

While waiting to see if the series will also be offered on Disney+ in France, you still have one day left to watch or review Netflix’s Marvel programs, before they leave the platform for good.

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