Marvel Studios is working on a Vision series for Disney +

Missing since the end of WandaVision, the hero played by Paul Bettany could make a comeback in a series called Vision Quest. For the moment, the project is only at the embryonic stage, the scriptwriters having to meet soon to discuss it.


But where did Vision go? The character played by Paul Bettany has disappeared from the screens since the end of WandaVision. Marvel Studios would consider offering him his own series. It’s only a project for the moment, but a title is already released: VisionQuest.

Journalist Jeff Sneider, always well informed, dropped the info during The Hot Mic podcast. He claims that the screenwriters at Marvel Studios will be meeting next week to discuss the subject. A meeting to define the contours of the series and determine whether or not the project is worth it.

Vision could be making a comeback in the MCU

Watch out if you haven’t seen Avengers Endgame as well as WandaVision, we will spoiler.

Vision, lover of Wanda Maximoff, does not survive his fight against Thanos. In a gesture of desperation and through magic, Wanda created her perfect world in the small town of Westview, bringing Vision back from the dead. But all this is only an illusion and the “fake” Vision realizes this and after merging with White Vision (a clone created from his body), he takes off and disappears from the landscape. We haven’t heard from it since.

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This is the story that Marvel would like to tell, according to Sneider. The title (provisional?) would be Vision Quest, which could have two meanings. The series could thus tell us about the hunt for the authorities to find the hero, but also his personal quest. Dead, then resurrected but not really, he could be looking for his identity.

For the moment, Marvel has obviously not commented on these statements. We know the propensity of the studio to work on many projects at the same time, not completing them all. Note that another series derived from WandaVision is already in preparation: Agatha Coven of Chaos which will tell the fate of the “villain” of the series.

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