Marvel wants to release its own MMORPG … for next year?

Marvel calls on a studio that has already worked with the competition to develop its MMORPG.

Marvel’s gaming universe is set to expand. Indeed, it seems that a large-scale game is currently in preparation in the studios behind the game. DC Universe Online, namely Daybreak and Dimensional Ink. We learn this in a quarterly financial report from Enad Global 7, which is actually the parent company of the studios. In it, it is listed that an yet-to-be-announced MMORPG will arrive by next year at the earliest.

If it does not yet have an official name, it is marked that it will be an AAA in the colors of Marvel developed in the studios in Austin in the United States. The game will be directed by Jack Emmert, who is the creator of the game City of heroes, another MMORPG featuring superheroes. So it seems that this type of game is the hallmark of the house. The latter had been developed long before DC Universe Online, which now predates the Marvel license. Note all the same that it is in no way planned to drop this franchise, quite the opposite of in-game content is also planned for next year.

What do we know about the Marvel MMORPG?

For the moment, very little information on the content of the game is available. This is due to the fact that neither party has yet formalized the project. However, we know that this is an idea that the studios and Marvel had already thought of before, while a similar game was initially due to go into production in 2018. However, the mayonnaise has never taken and the project was quickly abandoned, only to return to center stage in 2021.

In terms of gameplay, we can expect something significantly different from what the house of ideas has offered us in the past, and in particular Marvel’s Avengers by Square Enix. If we trust the gameplay of the title DC Universe Online, we can expect to play a fully customizable character but linked to the Marvel universe and to be able to wander in a closed map in order to fight with the other players.

However, the studios could also bet big on the headliners of Marvel by choosing to make us play the famous heroes who make up the Avengers or the X-men team. Plus, it’s an extremely rich universe that would be put to great use in a large-scale game like this. However, it will take a while before we learn more about him officially.

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