Matrix ‘experience’ for PlayStation 5 leaked on PSN

This Christmas 2021 will be Matrix or it will not be, and that goes as much for cinemas as it does for home consoles: a “experience”Stamped Matrix Awakens was seen today on the PSN by informed Internet users. Undoubtedly suited to serve as a companion to the new film Matrix Resurrections scheduled for the end of December, the nature of this mysterious experience is still shrouded in mystery … Pending, we imagine imminent, an officialization from the Warner Bros.

This leak comes straight from the subreddit / GamingLeaksAndRumours.

Always further in the matrix

As much to say it right away, we are dealing with the most summary leak: only one image was seen in this surprise listing, and it does not reveal much information. Just do we know that this “Unreal Engine 5 experience”Bears the title of Matrix Awakens, with in the background the image of a city bathed in green light in the purest style of the franchise.

The term “experience” should be remembered: we therefore do not know whether it is a full-fledged game derived from the license, or of any other genre: an interactive film? A virtual reality experience for the PSVR headset? While we already know that Matrix Awakens is compatible with the PlayStation 5, we do not know if this “experience” will also be available on the older generation.

The blue pill under the tree

There is no doubt that these few bits of information will be enough to fuel the hype machine, just a few weeks before the release of Matrix Resurrections. Whether you are a fan of leather trench coats and poorly fitted sunglasses or allergic to any mention of the blue and red pill, the release of this new component is the cinema event of the end of the year 2021 … But in the context of a complicated health crisis, it remains to be seen what impact the new Omicron variant will have on the film’s box office. In any case, Keanu Reeves is delighted to return under the direction of Lana Wachowski, and it always took.

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