Medieval II, arrives on Android and iOS

Total War is a series of strategy video games which was developed by Creative Assembly for PC in 2006. The best game in the series so far remains Total War: Medieval II. The latter has become one of the classics of the strategy game. It is therefore normal to see the game land on Android and iOS at a time when smartphone gaming is on the rise.

The adaptation project of Total War: Medieval II on smartphones will be carried by Feral Interactive. The game publisher who had already collaborated a few years ago with Creative Assembly and Sega for the release of the game.

Feral Interactive, the specialist in mobile ports

With Total War: Medieval II, Feral Interactive is not at its first attempt when it comes to mobile games. The studio already has several successes to its name. These include GRID Autosport, ROME: Total War and Alien Isolation.

The last port made by Feral Interactive remains Alien Isolation. A game that has had some success with mobile gamers. So there is a very good chance that with Total War: Medieval II, Feral Interactive will once again do a very good job. Although it is a game from a franchise that the studio masters very well.

Before tackling Medieval II, the studio has already worked on Total War: Rome. He also had to port Total War: Medieval II in 2016 to Linux and macOS. As a reminder, Total War: Medieval II is part of the tradition of Total War games.

It offers players an explosive cocktail of real-time gameplay and turn-based games. The content of the game itself gives the possibility of discovering Europe, Africa and the Middle East during the Middle Ages.


Modalities of play that remain to be defined

Feral interactive is not alone in enjoying a good reputation when it comes to the mobile game adaptation of Total War: Medieval II. The game itself is very popular in the world of video games. Its PC version has received many positive reviews on Steam.

However, to date there are not many elements to assess the project. In its statement, Feral Interactive said in a statement that it intends to adapt the entire game without any compromise. He also said that the game would be entirely designed for touch screens and therefore suitable for mobile formats. If the studio respects these two commitments then there is a good chance that the port of Total War: Medieval II will be a success.

At the moment, we just know that the game is expected to release on Android and iOS in the spring of this year. However, the exact release date is not yet known. Same thing for information concerning the marketing price. More information will be revealed about the game in the coming days.

Source: Android Police

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