Messenger mimics Slack by integrating shortcuts to better control your messages

Meta announced the arrival of new shortcuts within Messenger. In the same way that it is possible to notify a participant by particularizing, it will be possible to address all the members of a conversation with @everyone. Conversely, we can also send a message without notification with /silent.

While some competitive features are still pending on Messenger, such as end-to-end encryption recently postponed to 2023, Meta continues to improve its application by regularly integrating new. In addition to all the possibilities offered by the latter, it is the messages that deserve the most attention from the developers. After sending flash messages added in 2021, they are now inspired by their neighbors.

Indeed, Meta presents in its latest blog post several shortcuts who now integrate its application. Just like Slack already allows, just write these shortcuts in the text bar to perform a specific action. In other words, the manipulation is similar to that of typing @ followed by the name of the person concerned to notify them specifically and therefore makes it possible to obtain other results.

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New shortcuts are coming to Messenger

Moreover, this functionality has been somewhat extended since it is now possible to enter @everyone in a conversation to send a notification to all these participants, like Slack or Discord. Conversely, the shortcut/silent allows you to send a message without the contact(s) being notified before opening the discussion.

In addition, it will be possible to add a GIF more quickly thanks to command/gif. Other shortcuts are also mentioned, like/shrug and /tableflip, which allow you to write the associated kaomojis more quickly. This feature will eventually be available to all Messenger users, on Android and iOS.

Meta says the rollout has already started and is expected to take a few weeks. At the time of writing this article, we have been able to verify that the shortcuts are not not yet available on Android 12 in France.

Source: Meta

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