Meta / Facebook's future augmented reality glasses

Meta / Facebook’s future augmented reality glasses

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has boundless ambition for virtual reality and augmented reality. The Nazare project will be one of the essential pieces of the group’s future metaverse.

If augmented reality is already an everyday technology, it lacks a support that is easy to wear in everyday life. This support exists, but it is rather bulky helmets like the HoloLens. The whole industry is working on this, and the next step will be glasses. Meta, which counts Oculus in its brands, does not want to miss the boat.

Integrate many technologies into a pair of glasses

During Facebook Connect, Mark Zuckerberg presented the Nazare project. These are augmented reality glasses that project interactive graphic elements, reacting to the different elements (furniture, walls, various structures) that appear in front of the user’s eyes.

The design of such a product is complex because it requires integrating together a lot of technologies: motion and position sensors in space, batteries, cameras, network connection, and many more, all in pairs. glasses that must remain as light and discreet as possible. Mark Zuckerberg says: Meta is making progress in this area. But he also warns that this is a development that still requires years of work.

In the meantime, Meta offers Stories eyewear, designed with Ray-Ban. But which does not really integrate augmented reality, it is simply possible to take photos and videos with it. The road is therefore still a long way off before arriving at a product that really knows how to transform our daily lives.

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