Meta wants to fight fake news during the French presidential elections

Even in France, Meta keeps an eye on fake news, and intends not to reproduce the fiasco of the American elections.

Particularly singled out for his (in)action during the last American elections, Meta intends to make people forget his failings in France, as the presidential and legislative elections approach. To remedy this, the company has just formalized the launch of a series of initiatives on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAppintended for “to help citizens read and decipher information online, and thus better fight against false information that can circulate on the Internet”.

Three campaigns to debunk fake news

Among the announcements made by Meta, the company announced three concrete campaigns “media education” which will be available for free on its various platforms. This will include in particular a partnership with the online media Loopsider, in series of content posted on Instagram dubbed Fake or what?! which will be particularly aimed at young users of the platform, who are very susceptible to false information, especially in an electoral context.

Another partnership, this time with the AFP, Meta should also offer a series of videos to teach Internet users to be critical. In particular, the project should provide some keys to “do not fall for questionable information such as implausible quotes, questionable images or videos and articles with sensationalist titles”. For its part, Agence France-Presse can now be notified directly via WhatsApp in the event of the dissemination of fraudulent or erroneous content. By contacting the number 06 47 08 70 46 (already operational), it will thus be possible to check whether an article is “reliable” or not. A precaution which obviously does not prevent us from remaining vigilant.

Finally, on WhatsApp, a free 10-day training in collaboration with the media France 24 will propose to Internet users to sort through the information available online, in order to identify not only fake news, but also and above all reliable and credible sources that will help them make a free and informed choice during the elections. Called MediaWise, the training will be provided next week by Alexandre Capron, journalist specializing in disinformation and host of the program Info or intox.

So many initiatives which, Meta hopes, will allow the French elections not to follow the American model. Recall that the massive misinformation that had circulated on social networks last year had led to violent riots in the Capitol, leaving several dead and many injured.

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