Meta’s VR platform exceeds 300,000 users

With exponential growth in just a few months, is Horizon the promise of a successful metaverse?

Just a few months ago, Facebook was redefining the future of the web, by imagining a virtual metaverse capable of bringing people together thousands of miles away. At the same time, the company changed its name to Meta, and invested billions of dollars to carry out its software and hardware projects.

Among the most notable projects of Meta in the virtual reality market, we will obviously mention Horizon Worlds, the VR game with the air of alternative reality, in which Internet users can gather to exchange, play and even party. Touted in a bizarre ad during the Super Bowl final, the virtual world promised by Mark Zuckerberg is already promising to become the “heart of (his) vision of the metaverse”.

Exponential growth… and sustainable?

It is finally in an official speech to metamates (nickname given to the employees of the platform), that the project manager Chris Cox gave some encouraging news on the future ofHorizon Worlds. If it is still not unanimous, in particular through the first accusations of virtual sexual assault, Meta’s social network 3.0 is successful : in just three months, its base of monthly active users has thus been multiplied by 10, reports an employee of the firm.

A figure then confirmed by a spokesperson for the company. In total, including users ofHorizon Worlds and D’Horizon Venues — a separate app for watching live events in VR — more than 300,000 internet users would meet each month on the platform.

Before its official launch last December, Horizon Worlds was accessible in private beta for creators. Since then, more than 10,000 distinct worlds that would have emerged, allowing players to rediscover the possibilities of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

However, it remains to be seen whether this enthusiasm will last for the long term, or whether the effect of novelty will fall off as quickly as it appeared. To establish itself in the long term, Meta will also have to (finally) take certain essential questions seriously, such as the privacy and security of its users.

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