Metroid Prime 4 teased by Retro Studios? A banner on Twitter panics fans

Fans who have been waiting for years, complete radio silence and a Twitter banner: these are the ingredients of the latest craze that surrounds Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo’s famous Arlesian. Officially still in development within RetroStudios, we haven’t heard from the project for a very long time—so much so that we wonder of course the game will be released one day. But the Texas studio, still suffering from profound silence, updated its banner on the social network Twitterwith a particular artwork…

Metroid Prime 4 teased by Retro Studios?

We can glimpse Samus, the heroine of the franchise Metroid, in what looks like a long tunnel of an alien structure. Very little information is to be gleaned from such an image, but at the point where fans are, this little update is tantamount to a veritable earthquake. Spotted by the Nibellion Twitter account, the tweet raising the banner has been shared more than 4,000 times, with 28,000 likes… Proof, if any more were needed, of fans’ appetite for news from Metroid Prime 4. Is this a tease ahead of an official announcement? Or a simple facelift for their social network?

With MEtroid Prime 4, we can unfortunately not be sure of anything when the subject touches on Metroid Prime 4. Announced in 2017, the game was initially to be overseen by Bandai Namco. After two years of complete silence, Nintendo announces that the game has seen its development not only resumed from scratch, but also entrusted to Retro Studios, the team to whom we owe the first three episodes of the Metroid franchise. Premium. But with the exception of a logo, no concrete visual has been unveiled to date.

Just a few weeks ago, the Metroid Prime trilogy was back in the news. More specifically, we learned via the American insider Emily Rogers that the first episode was to arrive on Nintendo Switch. Industry sources were expecting an official announcement from the Kyoto company, with a port ready to be marketed… But in the end nothing came of it, with total radio silence from Nintendo.

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