Horizon waolrds dans le metaverse

Microsoft and Meta are working to make their data centers more secure

The metaverse is still a poorly known universe, which lacks regulations and where everyone is questioned by our ethics.

They are the hidden face of the iceberg. Hundreds of computers and other processors powering the most popular websites that we visit hundreds of times every day. But data centers are not a perfect land, where problems do not exist. On the contrary, they are often the target of attacks, security or technical problems. Even for people working in data centers, living conditions are not ideal.

In June 2015, five people had to be hospitalized after poisoning with chlorine gas in an Apple data center in North Carolina. This gas, used to cool water after it has passed between servers, is very harmful to humans, and it represents the main danger in a data center for employees. Although rare, these problems are real, and today’s large firms seek to reduce the risk as much as possible.

Microsoft and Meta use AI for their data centers

Some computer giants like Microsoft, Meta or Google decide to turn to AI to find an answer to their problem. In Microsoft’s case, the brand is developing an AI system that analyzes data from a range of sources and generates alerts for data center construction and operations teams. According to a company spokesperson, these systems could be developed in the brand’s data centers in the coming months.

For its part, Meta (formerly Facebook) also works with an AI to predict when work will become too dangerous. ” We have significant operational data from our data centers, in some high frequency regions with sensors embedded in servers, racks and in our data rooms “, explains a spokesperson for the brand. So much information that makes it possible to refine the work of the AI, capable of anticipating the “extreme environmental conditionsthat would make work impossible or dangerous.

Safer data centers for even fewer downtimes

If this work carried out by Microsoft and Meta is primarily intended to make its data centers safer for the brand’s employees who work within them, this is not the group’s only motivation. Indeed, the two computer giants want to keep robust servers, at the cutting edge of technology to offer ever smoother navigation to the user. Because there is nothing worse for Meta or Microsoft to see users blocked by the millions due to a breakdown in a data center.

According to a 2020 study by the Uptime Institute, one-third of data center owners and operators admitted to experiencing a major outage in the past 12 months. As far as Meta is concerned, we all remember the last major outage that deprived us of the group’s social networks for long hours, effectively putting thousands of influencers out of work in the middle of Fashion Week in Paris. An advertisement that Meta would undoubtedly have done without.

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