Microsoft and SEGA sign a mysterious “strategic alliance”

A new project will soon see the light of day and it will be stamped Microsoft and SEGA. It remains to be seen what it really is.

SEGA and Microsoft announced a long-term partnership a few days ago that could change the gaming industry. This one is called Super Game and it is, to say the least, very mysterious. Announced with great fanfare by SEGA, Super Game is an initiative launched at the start of the year and which aims to ” produce global games at scale in a next-generation development environment, powered by Microsoft’s Azure platform “.

Through this project, the studio hopes to be able to produce games that will be “global”, “online”, focused on “community” and “use of IP”. According to SEGA, this is an approach that is part of the current trend of cloud gaming and cloud computing in general. The firm thus explains that it wants to establish itself in this sector for the next 5 years and it will only succeed in joining forces with Microsoft.

This “strategic alliance” is also an opportunity for the two companies to “ seek to advance technologies in areas such as the network infrastructure and communication tools required for global online services, which are a key priority “.

A still hazy project

For the moment, neither of the two companies has explained in detail what exactly the realization of the Super Game project would be. However, we can expect the announcement of new games in the coming months, or even years. This one recalls a similar announcement, made by Sony and Microsoft a few years ago now and which also had a connection with Microsoft’s Azure software.

According to SEGA, cloud gaming very logically represents the future of video games. With the rise of platforms like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and even Xbox Cloud Gaming, it is not surprising that SEGA wants its share of the pie in this increasingly competitive market. And rather than starting from scratch, it seems more profitable to rely on Microsoft’s expertise in this matter.

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