Microsoft Defender is coming to all your devices

Microsoft Defender is coming to all your devices

Microsoft Defender, the name does not change but the service evolves and opens up to third-party systems such as Android or iOS.

Microsoft just launched a brand new cybersecurity app dubbed “Defender” this week. It will be available on Windows computers as well as macOS, iOS and Android devices. Although the name of the app may sound familiar to you, as it has been used in brand communication for years, the service is new here.

Indeed, within the Microsoft Defender application, you will find a simplified dashboard that allows you to have clear and quick access to the security of your devices. The software will draw on the antivirus solutions already installed to make an “inventory” before proposing, if necessary, an additional cybersecurity solution to the user.

An exclusive service for Microsoft 365 subscribers

For the moment the service is reserved for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers, we do not know for the moment if Microsoft has planned to open its offer to as many people as possible with a subscription system. It will surely depend on the popularity of this new application.

It should also be noted that the strong point of this new application is the adaptability it has. It is indeed able to know on which computer system it is, and it offers, in function, adapted protections. For example, on iOS and iPadOS, Microsoft Defender will not offer antivirus solutions, these simply do not exist.

An offer that adapts to the device

Instead, the application will offer the user protection against phishing on the internet or by email. For Android devices, Microsoft Defender includes virus protection and the ability to scan for potentially dangerous apps. They are much more common in Android than in iOS, Apple putting a very strong security lock at the entrance to the App Store, which blocks a significant part of malicious applications.

Finally, as far as computers are concerned, the offer also varies. Microsoft will offer antivirus solutions, but under Windows the application will mainly be a dashboard, the rest of the tasks being already carried out by Windows Security. It will also be possible to get an overview of the security level of other devices linked to the same account as part of a Microsoft 365 Family subscription.

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