Microsoft Gaming (Xbox/Game Pass) announces record results and big numbers for Halo and Forza Horizon

Finally, it may well be that the video game branch soon weighs as much as PlayStation. Microsoft has just published its results for the fourth and last quarter of 2021 (second quarter of Microsoft’s fiscal year) and the least we can say is that the Xbox division, now called Microsoft Gaming, is doing wonderfully… for bit that we don’t look too much into the profit line.

Microsoft Gaming CA

Thus, Microsoft Gaming achieved a turnover of 4.8 billion dollars in the quarter, an increase of 8% compared to the equivalent period in 2020. This is a record, which allows Microsoft Gaming to peak to 14.4 billion turnover over the 12 months of 2021. Good point, the results of hardware sales have practically doubled in 2021, which proves that the various returns on the very solid sales of the Xbox Series are rather credible. Microsoft Gaming has already sold more than 12 million Xbox Series S/X consoles!

A few smart guys have also noted that if we added to Microsoft Gaming’s current results the turnover of Activision Blizzard (in the process of being taken over), Microsoft’s gaming division would then culminate a little over 22 billion dollars over the year, exactly at the same level as PlayStation’s turnover in 2021! In order to close this section of big numbers with panache, Microsoft Gaming made a point of specifying that Halo Infinite had attracted 20 million players and that Forza Horizon 5 already had 18 million crazy people behind the wheel. Very impressive.

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