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Microsoft intends to bring its star games to a 3D metavers

According to Satya Nadella, Halo, Minecraft or Flight Simulator would even be “already metavers”. The start of a paradigm shift?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is at the heart of tech news right now. And for good reason: the founder of Facebook intends to turn the digital world upside down for the second time in two decades, for better or for worse. And Microsoft intends to jump at the opportunity.

While waiting for the arrival of the virtual world dreamed of by the Big Tech tycoon, the other players in the sector are taking the bandwagon. Almost everywhere, we see various projects flourishing that will be used to fuel new worlds in virtual reality. The latest ones come directly from Sarya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Recently, it had already announced that its Teams video conferencing program would benefit from its own metavers. The objective would thus be to allow participants to be present in the same virtual space, rather than each behind their screen. But in a new interview with Bloomberg, he raised the bar even higher. According to him, Microsoft will also put the package on the gaming aspect.

If you take Halo as a game, it’s already a metavers. ”, he explains. “Minecraft is a metaver, and so is Flight Simulator. In a sense, they are in 2D today. The question is whether we can transpose this into a fully 3D world. And we absolutely plan to do so.”An interesting take on this concept, the definition of which already seems to be evolving at breakneck speed. What is certain is that we can expect it to be used wildly in the coming months, until a more formal definition emerges.

More medium-term or even long-term plans

But by then, we can already say that Microsoft’s project is extremely ambitious. In the three examples cited by Nadella alone, there are already several very different layers of complexity. The most obvious of them definitely seems to be Minecraft. We can easily imagine how a game could unfold; the concept had already been explored in a mobile game, since abandoned.

In a Halo metaverse, the challenge will certainly be to recreate that ‘open war’ aspect of epic proportions. But would such a transposition really be justified? In any case, it is not easy to imagine what the gameplay could look like. On the other hand, this part is much more obvious on the side of Flight Simulator. If one decides to be particularly optimistic, one can expect a huge 1: 1 scale open world, which would be traveled in real time by pilots from all over the world.

Thinking about what a “metavers” version of these few titles might look like, it seems obvious that each adaptation will require a pretty titanic amount of work. So don’t expect to see the entire Microsoft catalog land there. Fortunately, some titles (including MFS and Minecraft) already have a foothold in the world of virtual reality, which could ease the transition.

According to The Verge, Nadella has not announced any schedule. It will therefore be necessary to be particularly patient. Especially since the firm seems more focused on professional metavers applications, such as its port of Teams.

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