Microsoft is committed to Sony and…Nintendo?

Microsoft announces that it wants to offer Call of Duty games on PlayStation, even after the duration of the current commitments.

Good news for enthusiasts and hardcore fans of the Call of Duty franchise on PlayStation. If we knew that the next three games should normally land on PS4 and / or PS5, the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft still left us in a big gray area regarding the future of the license beyond the agreements. existing contractors.

As Microsoft pledges to be more transparent as a company, today it reveals to us that it wants to commit to porting the games call of duty on its rival’s consoles even after said contracts have expired. A great relief for gamers on Sony consoles. The firm states:

The obvious concern is that Microsoft could make this title available exclusively on the Xbox console, undermining opportunities for Sony PlayStation users. To be clear, Microsoft will continue to make Call of Duty and other popular Activision Blizzard titles available on PlayStation for the duration of the existing agreement with Activision. And we’ve made a commitment to Sony to also make them available on PlayStation beyond the existing deal and in the future. »

Microsoft takes cover

This happens while the takeover of the studio is still in the approval phase by the competent authorities. They must in particular verify that this acquisition does not infringe the rules of monopoly and anti-competitive practices. This is why Microsoft prefers to cover its back, in a message which also deals with the opening of its store to third-party payments, unlike Apple which is still trying to circumvent the court decision against it.

Call of Duty, soon available on Switch?

But this part of the press release is not necessarily the most interesting. Indeed just after this passage, Microsoft declares that it would not be opposed to even more openness for the franchise either. He notably evokes Nintendo consoles, the Switch being in his line of sight. The company explains:

We also want to take similar steps to support Nintendo’s successful platform. We believe this is the right thing to do for the industry, for the gamers and for our business. »

A surprising choice but which should nevertheless satisfy fans of the license with all these platforms. In any case, it seems that exclusive status is not yet on the agenda for call of duty, players can therefore be reassured. This does not strike out the question permanently, but it can be put on hold for a few more years.

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