Microsoft is making efforts to integrate on iOS

Microsoft is expected to release an update to its Xbox Cloud Gaming service for iOS users soon.

Launched last June, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service has since been available on Android devices, but also iOS. iPhone and iPad owners can therefore take advantage of the titles of the license, but the gaming experience is still to be perfected, especially when you know that Microsoft’s direct competitor is Apple Arcade. A service developed by the apple itself and which therefore benefits from perfect integration within the Apple OS.

In order to catch up, Microsoft announced on Monday that a major update was going to take place on the iPhone and iPad. The latter should allow players to take advantage of many improvements, thus boosting the performance of all Apple devices using the service.

Work visible at first glance

In an article, the news site Engadget said he was able to speak with Microsoft to learn more about this update, including how the company intended to make “smoother and more responsive gaming experience “. The company explained that it has optimized video output and network data transmission on iOS devices. A technical change which should have major consequences on the gaming experience, in particular reducing latency times, a real scourge for Microsoft on iPhone and iPad.

According to the first announcements from Microsoft, there should be a real before and after in relation to this update, and the changes put in place should be easily perceptible by the player. As a reminder, Xbox Cloud Gaming is quite difficult to access on Apple products. It is indeed impossible for Microsoft to offer its platform on the App Store, the firm is therefore obliged to pass its users through Safari, a restrictive procedure for the user, but which also makes things much more complicated from a technical point of view for Microsoft.

Microsoft is blocked by Apple rules

Although web APIs have evolved a lot in recent years, in particular because of Apple’s policy on video game streaming platforms, the player experience remains well below the performance that an application could offer. Today, Microsoft is stuck in this in-between, forced by Apple to develop its API and the web version of its service, which clearly handicaps the firm.

Indeed, Xbox Cloud Gaming works perfectly outside of iOS. Android users also regularly praise the fluidity of the service offered by Microsoft.

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