Microsoft is preparing an Xbox conference for E3 2022

Usual pivotal period in the annual cycle of the video game industry, the future of the 3 is very vague for this year 2022. The ESA, conglomerate in charge of the organization of the video game fair in California, announced that no physical event would be held next June, as was the case for the last two years, health crisis obliges.

However, we also do not know if E3 will be available in digital format as during the 2021 edition…. But in any case, it would seem that some industry players are preparing to launch their own conferences independently of any decision by the ESA, starting with Microsoft and its branch Xbox.

Microsoft would hold its own conference instead of E3

A new revelation from American journalist Jeff Grubb (who else?) tells us that the Richmond firm has planned an event dedicated to gaming for next June. “They will probably have more to say soon, but in June, not in May. » announces Grubb, before adding: “Well, maybe they’ll do something in May or September, I don’t know, but I know they have an E3-style show planned for next June”.

Still according to the insider, Microsoft would prepare various partnerships to ensure the presence “big games” during the conference, whose preparations, already launched, suggest that the event will indeed materialize. “They’re dealing with it now during this March, so they can’t really back down or change plans. They’re headed in that direction and they’re going to do something during [la période de juin 2022]. »

Despite all the uncertainty surrounding E3 2022, it would be surprising if publishers didn’t seize the moment to organize their own marketing events aimed directly at their fan communities. But for the time being, only the influencer Geoff Keighley and his Summer Game Fest event are present for the month of June…

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