Microsoft reserves x64 application emulation for Windows 11

Microsoft is making a change regarding x64 application emulation, it will only become available on Windows 11. It debuted on Windows 10 in 2020, but that will change. It’s a way to get users to update.

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No x64 emulation on Windows 10

Microsoft has tested x64 emulation on Windows 10 ARM for about a year, but the feature will not ship on the “old” operating system. “X64 emulation for Windows is now generally available on Windows 11. For those who wish to experience it, a PC running Windows 11 ARM is required.”, indicates the group.

Windows 10 ARM in general is not abandoned, its support will take place until October 14, 2025. But the lack of x64 application emulation will certainly force many users to switch to Windows 11.

What exactly is x64 emulation? It is related to the architecture of processors. There was that of Intel processors and there is that of ARM processors. Emulation allows you to run on a device equipped with an ARM processor an application that was originally designed for a device with an Intel processor. Naturally, the experience is not totally ideal because there is a “conversion” of the code to adapt, but this at least allows to have access to applications which are not natively available for devices with an ARM processor.

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