Microsoft sells Office cheaper to owners of pirated copies

All means are good to rally users of pirated copies in the right way, and Microsoft has understood this well.

Microsoft may have found a solution to get its hacker users back on track. Until then, most of the pirate copies of Office detected by Microsoft had to deal with a banner on startup. The latter, particularly annoying, invited users to enter a valid activation key, in order to benefit from all the functionalities of the office suite. An unsurprisingly fairly ineffective method.

Now Microsoft Office has decided to take the problem backwards. Rather than scaring off fraudulent users, the company decided to bait them … with a big discount on its Microsoft 365 offer.

“Get up to 50% off. For a limited time, save up to 50% on an official Microsoft 365 subscription ”- Microsoft

By clicking on this astonishing message, we are finally redirected to an official Microsoft product page entirely intended for owners of pirated copies. In addition to explaining that “Pirated software exposes your PC to security threats”, the company also offers a strong argument in favor of its official service: 50% immediate discount for the purchase of an annual Microsoft 365 subscription, both in Individual and Family version. A limited offer therefore, but which still allows you to save up to $ 50 on a subscription, which goes from $ 99.99 to $ 49.99 the first year.

Be careful though, the offer is obviously not accessible to all. The link to this discount seems to be activated only from the United States, since no similar page exists for the moment in France. In addition, this “Special discount” spotted by Ghack also seems to verify upstream that a pirate version is indeed installed on the machine concerned, no doubt to prevent any user from taking advantage of the offer.

So not sure that Microsoft will succeed in convincing many new customers with its offer. Especially since the company offers users who have opted for a perpetual (cracked) license to switch to its cloud offer, which doesn’t have much to do with it. Even if cloud gaming and cloud computing offers have exploded in recent years, many Internet users still prefer to opt for a one-time purchase, for a higher fee, but avoiding the subscription to an offer.

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