Mina the Hollower, the new game from the creators of Shovel Knight, opens its kickstarter

After exploring the endless trenches of 8-bit platformers, Yacht Club Games is tackling another genre for its first big production since Shovel Knight. Mina the Hollower will venture the codes of Zelda-like. We’re diving right into the style of Game Boy adventure games for a project planned for a whole plethora of different consoles—and of course PC.

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Missing more than the cartridge

The least we can say is that Mina the Hollower is not at all ashamed to display its inspirations. With its all-pastel settings and cute character sprites, the new Yacht Club title is like a version of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening coming from a parallel universe… And for good reason: the title claims its 8-bit visuals “ in the vein of Game Boy Color games, updated to the taste of the day. The result is in any case particularly charming, whether in terms of the colors used or the animations.

Mina the Hollower will feature Mina, a Hollower tasked with purging an island cursed by many demons from evil using her whip. Several weapons will also be available, with the custom gadgets in an adventure at the ” interconnected level design“.

The game’s music will be composed by Jake Kaufman, indie master of chiptune whose talent has already been heard in Shovel Knight or even other productions from third-party studios such as the Shantae series from Wayforward. For Mina the Hollower, Kaufman will draw inspiration from the sounds of the MSX, the range of Japanese microcomputers of the 80s.

A Kickstarter to fund the game has been opened. Although Yacht Club claims to be in a much better financial situation than when it crowdfunded Shovel Knight several years ago (it goes back), Mina the Hollower still posted a target of €276,282 for its production and that of the derived physical goodies… A target which, unsurprisingly, has been largely exceeded, with a prize pool amounting to more than €370,000 at the time these lines are published. written. Planned for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, Mina the Hollower currently has no exit horizon.

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